FSUPC Facility Use Request System


Request forms, proof of insurance certificate and if applicable, sales tax exemption certificate must be submitted SEVENTY-TWO (72) HOURS prior to date of facility use to allow adequate time for processing.

Note: Groups, organizations or individuals arranging for space assume the responsibility for advising members or others participating of the responsibilities attendant to the reservation of designated space or facilities, including the responsibility for proper care of furnishings and equipment located in or about the designated areas. This form must be signed before it will be processed. (See guidelines below.)

Prior to confirmation of usage, the organization needs to complete the hold harmless agreement (Download here), provide proof of insurance and if applicable, sales tax exemption certificate and forward via e-mail attachment to facilities@pc.fsu.edu or fax to (850) 770-2616.

The Florida State University Board of Trustees voted on March 8, 2013 for the Panama City campus and all of its facilities to be tobacco-free effective Jan. 1 2014.

Events that are primarily social in nature with no educational or training component will not be approved. Events outside normal Monday – Friday business hours will need special approval and incur higher rates.

Do not attach materials to walls or doorways. Any adhesive tape, other than blue painter’s tape, will cause damages and will result in additional charges.

Alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured third party vendor. No individual may serve or otherwise provide alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age.

Food restrictions: There will be no preparation of shellfish indoors, such as shucking oysters, etc.

Glitter, helium balloons, helicopters, lighted candles and live animals are some specific prohibited items. Similar items or items unique to your event that may be questionable must be pre-approved.

If your workshop/seminar/meeting requires the rearrangement of classroom furniture, please return the furniture to the original configuration before leaving.

Please end your workshop/seminar/meeting promptly, as others may be scheduled to use the facilities immediately afterwards.

Please check in with the Switchboard Operator, Lobby of the Holley Building, when you arrive on campus. Emergency messages ONLY will be delivered to participants of workshops/seminars/meetings. Participants should check with the Switchboard Operator during breaks for routine messages.

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